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Begun   in   1931,   The   Clemson   Little   Theatre   is   one   of   the   oldest   community   theatres   in   South Carolina.   Originally   started   by   friends   of   Clemson   University,   many   of   its   early   productions (even   into   the   1960s)   were   performed   in   buildings   on   and   around   campus.   Since   1992   CLT has   made   its   home   in   its   own   theatre,   the   Pendleton   Playhouse   in   lovely   and   historic Pendleton, SC. Next on stage: A Seussified Christmas Carol By Peter Bloedel Directed by Sybil Todd Imagine a Cat In a Victorian Hat and   it   may   put   you   in   the   mood   for   this   whimsical   treatment   of Dickens'    beloved    Christmas    tale    in    wacky    rhymed    couplets. With   zoot-fruited   juices   and   binka-bird   geese,   from   Bed-Headed Fred   to   Timmy   Loo   Hoo,   this   tale   of   glorious   holiday   cheer   is maybe   like   something   Dr.   Seuss   might   have   written,   if   he   ever had his way with Dickens’ story. Performances: November 30, December 1, 2, 7, 8, 9,  2018 Sponsored by Shane Smith Allstate Agency, Clemson Doublewide, Texas by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten Directed by Jimmy O. Burdette One   of   the   smallest   trailer   parks   in   Texas   –   four   doublewides   and   a   shed   –   is   thrown   for   a loop   when   the   nearby   town   wants   to   annex   it.   Meanwhile,   Joveeta   Crumpler   has   already   had it   up   to   here   with   her   work,   her   mama,   and   her   good-old-boy   brother,   who   is   taking   his participation   in   a   womanless   beauty   pageant   way   too   seriously.   It’s   a   tough   time   in   Texas when   friends,   enemies,   and   neighbors   realize   they   have   to   work   together   to   save   their   way   of life….such   as   it   is.   So   come   on   down   to   Doublewide   for   double   the   fun   and   you’ll   double   over in laughter. Performances: January 25, 26, 27, February 1, 2, 3,  2019 Auditions: Tuesday, Nov 13 th  6:30 to 7:30 pm CLT’s 2018-2019  Season Keep on the Sunny Side Disney's Peter Pan Jr. A Seussified Christmas Carol Double Wide Texas The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Rated P for Parenthood The season has 3 musicals, so we had to raise the season price just a little: Prices reduced now that the first two shows are over Adults $48, College Students $20, Youth $20. Sign up for Season Tickets as usual by contacting Linda at the CLT Office (864-646-8100) for a Season Brochure. OR Download and save this fillable form, fill it within Adobe Reader, and print and mail the form with your check to CLT. OR Sign    up    and    make    your    payment    online    with    our    new    online    ticketing through   our   ticketing   agent,   Vendini,   then   email   your   preference   for   the   name you   want   listed   in   the   playbill   and   the   names   to   go   on   the   season   tickets   --   or fill      out      the      details      on      the      mail-order      form      and      email      that      to . Note:   Buying   online   will   incur   a   small   service   charge   to   cover   the   online expenses.   Due   to   limitations   of   the   online   system   we   are   using,   when   buying Season   Memberships   online,   you   will   see   a   “variable   ticket   price”,   ranging from   the   price   of   one   or   two   memberships   up   to   an   additional   $5000.   For example,   a   single   membership   will   appear   with   a   price   of   $73-$5073.   Any amount   you   give   beyond   the   minimum   listed   price   ($73   in   this   example)   will   be accepted   as   a   tax-deductible   gift   to   The   Clemson   Little   Theatre,   with   our sincere thanks. Phone: 864-646-8100 e-mail:  CLT on Facebook
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